Keep your employees connected, secure, and productive with a reliable business network.

Never lose a sale when you have a reliable, affordable, and user-friendly POS system.

Secure your business with on-site installation of affordable cameras that offer a crystal clear image.

Keep your important data safe from ransomware or hardware failure with regular encrypted backups.


Point of Sale



Grand River Tech offers a wide variety of highly-specialized services and equipment for business owners.

Here are just a few of the many products and services we have available:

- On-Site Hardware and Equipment Installation -

- Physically Moving of Equipment from Site to Site -

- Software or Operating System Installations and Upgrades -

- General Software or Operating System Related Support and Troubleshooting -

- Monitoring and Alerting for Computers and Equipment -

- Antivirus Protection for Workstations and Windows Servers -

- Technology Roadmap, Recommendations, and Planning -

- Managed Data Backup Solutions -

- Disaster Recovery and Fail-Over Planning -

- Microsoft Admin and G Suite Admin Configuration and User Management -

- Network Traffic Content Filtering and Reporting -

- Network Firewall and Security with Advanced Threat Management -

- Network Infrastructure Deployment, Management, and Organization -

- Facilitation of Remote Access Workstations and Equipment via VPN -

- Local NAS Shared File Systems with Configurable User Access -

- Cloud-Based IP Phone Systems and Services -

- eFax Services and Solutions -

- Credit Card Processing and Management -

- Uninterrupted Power Supply System (UPS) -

- On-Demand Power Generators for Power Outages -

- Video Surveillance for Workplace Monitoring and Accountability -