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Skip the hassle.

Get help from a real person.

Skip the hassle.

Get help from a real person.

We'll help you see the big picture.

Technology is complicated. As your business grows, your systems become more complex and harder to fix. What's even worse is that more systems mean more problems. Who do you call when your internet isn't working? What about your credit card processing services? Phone lines? It can be a nightmare

That's where we come in.

Grand River Tech offers all of these services and more as a single company. We're ready to serve your unique needs with complete solutions.



Tired of your slow and unstable internet connection? Don't worry, We've got it under control.


Point of Sale

Get a stable, low cost point-of-sale solution for your business that won't let you down or break the bank.



Tired of crime and confusion slowing your work week down? Let us help bring some clarity to the situation.

Let's talk.

4106 Lake Michigan Drive

Grand Rapids, Michigan, 49534

(616) 929-2316

Thanks! We'll be in touch.

Image by Dylan Gillis
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