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At Grand River Tech, we offer custom business solutions for school systems. Our experience with Google Suite, network filtering, and camera installations make Grand River Tech the natural choice for small school systems.

Common Problem Areas for Small School Systems

School systems deal with password and network related frustrations on a daily basis. As students become familiar with website filtering systems, they inevitably find ways to bypass filters, visit inappropriate sites, and cause problems for the already overwhelmed IT team members who work so hard to maintain devices. Technicians spend even more time maintaining passwords and login credentials for students which can often become a hassle. It's hard to make time for everything that needs to be done during a busy school year!

Getting to Better Solutions

Small school systems can benefit a lot from supplemental IT support as needs arise. When your technology team becomes overwhelmed with repairs, maintenance, and other needs, Grand River Tech can step in to provide the help you need to ensure that everything gets done. Our team is experienced with Google Suite, camera installations, network setup and monitoring, Chrome OS installations, and more! We even offer packages to manage your network traffic throughout the year so that your technology team can focus on the bigger tasks at hand. We think you'll really appreciate the extra time and stress relief when you need it!

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