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Vietnam's seafood production


When customers need product fast, you can't afford to lose any production time. Our security monitoring systems help factories understand the health of their machines better and keep their employees safe.

Common Problem Areas for Manufacturing Facilites

Working in a factory environment can be often be loud, exhausting, and overstimulating. Because of this daily noise and rapid movement, many problems with your machinery could go unnoticed until the problem is too far gone to resolve with simple solutions. Losing time from faulty machinery can cost you big!

Getting to Better Solutions

Grand River Tech offers security monitoring solutions with multiple purposes. Having an HD camera pointed directly at your various machines and robots will offer immediate clarity on what is working, what isn't working, and what could be in need of repair in the near future. With so much at stake along your production line and for your employees safety, why take the risk? We're confident that our cameras and installation services will not only leave you feeling more at peace, but also more productive. 

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